Today, I just want to tell you why Mexican women rule!

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Mexican women are usually thought of as oppressed victims of machismo, but that’s only a generalized stereotype.

While it’s true that Mexican women are still expected to fill the traditional role of homemakers, they have also broken the glass ceiling in many fields and are the true architects of society.

I like this picture because it portrays Mexican women as strong and beautiful, both inside and outside.

“A Mexican woman is a perfect mix of warrior and princess.”

mexican woman

In my life, I’ve met many women who never give up the fight, and do it with style. That’s what Mexican women are all about.

There are so many strong women close to me that I admire: my mom, my sisters, my friends. They are all women that are changing the world and the people around them, through their love, their work, or their struggle. They are all true warriors!

I’m sure you know many amazing women, so tell me about them!


14 thoughts on “2 Amazing things about Mexican women you must know

  1. My mom is a warrior!! 😀 From taking care of my family to caregiving her elderly mother, my mom does it all every day 😀 😀 what an inspiration!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this as well!

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  2. My daughter in law is Mexican and I’ve enjoyed learning the culture from her. You are so right about the warrior aspect. It’s a harder life, one that alot of Americans haven’t had to endure but I think it definitely makes you a strong woman

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  3. Awww…..I don’t know any Mexican woman personally except the ones I watch on Telemundo 😉😉😉….all the same permit me to say all women are built to be resilient…I especially look up to my mum…she’s such an inspiration. Nice read

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