Mexican red rice and beans is a classic dish that is on the menu of nearly every Mexican home, almost every day. Check out this easy twist on the traditional dish!

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There is something extremely comforting about eating really good Mexican food.  We all love it and in particular my kids ask me to make rice and beans regularly.  I hadn’t found a good enough recipe that replicated the authentic rice and beans that the Mexicans make but I cobbled something together last night that went down a treat and that got pretty close to the real deal.

When I was studying for my Nutritionist Certification, I learnt about some of the different cultures that live in the US and the nutritional content of their cuisines.  For Mexican food, Rice & Beans is pretty good nutrient-wise.  It contains a decent amount of grains from rice which is a complex carbohydrate that gives us a slow release of energy, protein from the black beans that are also in the veggie category and are high in fiber plus a decent amount of sieved tomatoes that are rich in…

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