Happy Friday! Take a look at this yummy taco recipe by Ten More Bites. It’s got sweet potato, beans, chipotle. What’s not to like?

Ten More Bites

Sweet potato and black bean tacos

Sweet potato and black bean tacos are currently the “go-to” taco around here. Last year was all about fish tacos, but the tilapia I favoured has vanished from the fish counter, for one thing.

Also, we are make a conscious effort to have more meat-free dinners each week, and these are helping with that ambition.

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6 thoughts on “Sweet potato and black bean tacos

  1. Often I’ll have a “naked” burrito which simply provides the food content without the wrap (hence the term “naked.) In the U.S., the wrap is a lot of calories, high in sodium and empty of real nutrition. For those who love the wrap, I suggest cutting it in half and ONLY consuming this half. It works as a nice compromise while minimizing unwanted calories and food sources.

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