Mexico City is one of the world’s great cities, along with New York, London, and Tokyo, and one of its most sophisticated and trendiest neighborhoods is La Roma. In this guest post, author Lydia Carey will give you a tour of the best places in Mexico’s coolest district.

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Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico

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In case you didn’t know, Mexico City is a modern metropolis where you can find the best of the world’s art, cuisine, and fashion. And one of the city’s most sophisticated neighborhoods is La Roma.

In this post, I’m proud to present My Heart of Mexico’s first ever guest author, Lydia Carey. She is a fulltime freelance writer, and author of “Mexico City Streets: La Roma,” a guide book to one of Mexico City’s most eclectic neighborhoods. You can read more about Mexico City and La Roma at her blog, Mexico City Streets.

So are you ready for a tour of La Roma? Take it away, Lydia!

How to Tour Mexico City’s Most Sophisticated Neighborhood

No one comes to Mexico City to relax. It’s a chaotic, crazy, blindingly colorful mess that will have your rapt attention for a handful of breathless days and then it will be over. Just like that.

In this, the most urban of urban jungles, it’s impossible to narrow down a list of must-sees, must-eats, and must-dos, but one of my favorite places to be in the city is right at home, in my neighborhood, Colonia Roma.

Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico
A fountain in one of La Roma’s leafy parks

Roma feels like a small town inside a city. Neighbors greet one another, families sit outside for Sunday dinner and dog walkers lazily round the park on weekday afternoons. It’s a great place to settle into when the hustle-and-bustle becomes overwhelming. 

Two charming plazas connected by Orizaba street anchor both ends of the neighborhood: Plaza Luis Cabrera and Parque Rio de Janeiro. Each of these leafy spots has a scattering of small cafes and restaurants around their parameters.

Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico
Colorful altar vs street graffiti

A coffee lover’s paradise, Buna cafe sits just off of Rio de Janeiro plaza and is right around the corner from the classically contemporary Galería OMR at Rio de Janeiro #54.

Plaza Luis Cabrera is home to Cabrera 7,  that has a long list of regional Mexican cuisine specialties and just steps away is the Macellería for an excellent steak and a bottle of wine.

Radiating out from either of these plazas the tree-lined streets hold untold delights. I always like to stop by Tenderete on Jalapa street to see what new Mexican designer they are featuring and peek into the Taller Tlamaxcalli on Chihuahua street to see the master toy makers at work.

Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico
19th-century building facade

The Roma has been blessed with the import of some incredible chefs and restaurateurs. Maximo Bistrot, Cocina Conchita, Aguamiel, La Docena, and Antolia are all great for locally-inspired dishes, while Sesame, Mog and Galanga Thai Kitchen hit the spot when you are looking for something from more distant lands.

The neighborhood’s streetscape is one of its most enchanting qualities. Street murals, Art Deco architecture, and colorfully painted homes make wandering a must, with a dog in hand you’ll practically be a local.

Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico
Decorative window peeks out at the neighborhood

You’re just as likely to run into a lively outdoor market like the Friday “tianguis” on Merida street or Sundays’ Mercado 100 in the Centro Medico park, as you are an old friend, or the neighborhood’s local mascot, La Chata the pig.

A few days in the Roma will give you enough big city vibe and hometown hospitality that you won’t think twice about planning your next trip to Mexico City – next time, even longer.

Tour Mexico City's Most Sophisticated Neighborhood | My Heart of Mexico
Art blooms in La Roma’s streets

Are you ready to come to La Roma in Mexico City? You’re missing out on a lot of amazing things!

15 thoughts on “How to Tour Mexico City’s Most Sophisticated Neighborhood

  1. When a writer expresses themselves as Lydia Carey does in this post, you can feel the love for the region. This just makes the reader that much more likely to think about taking some time and visiting the area. I always enjoy the tours!

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    1. lol 😀 I know there’s a lot of misconceptions going around. In regard to what you mention, 80% of Mexico’s population lives in cities and there are also forests, jungles, and even glaciers. I actually wrote a post about these sort of myths.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess part of that idea comes from the fact that my uncle lived in Puebla and spoke of when he and his wife (native to Mexico) would travel through the desert and see wild animals.

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