One of the reasons many domestic travelers visit the Huastec Region of Mexico is to enjoy the delicious ethnic dish called zacahuil.

Zacahuil translates as bocado grande, Spanish for big bite.  The word derives from one of the many Maya dialects specifically the Huastec or Téenek.

When I traveled to Xilitla, one of my beloved towns in Mexico, I had the opportunity to eat this succulent dish for the first time.  It is delicious to say the least; smoky in flavor and the meat in the dish provides enough protein needed to start a new day full of activities or just to start a regular workday.

The livelihood of many families in Xilitla depends upon this dish as it provides the means to generate income and support their families.

This video showcases the long process of making zacahuil, which is usually prepared by the women, just like most…

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