Airbnbs for all Types of Travellers in Mexico

Airbnbs for all Types of Travellers in Mexico

Here are a few tips for when you come to Mexico. What are you waiting for?


A Mexico stroll

A Mexico stroll

If you ever visit Mexico, don’t limit yourself to beach towns. Mexico City is definitely a must-visit! Take a stroll of my native city through the eyes of Equinoxio21 blog.


2015-12-15 13.10.29

Mexico City is home to 20 million inhabitants and change. More than many countries: Belgium’s entire population is only 11 millions. You can drive north to south for more than an hour, even with light traffic, and never leave the city’s boundaries. It is a huge city. Where modern and traditional styles cohabit. Wealth and poverty. Sunshine and rain. Let’s ignore the 5 million cars and take a stroll. The above house is in the Coyoacán neighbourhood.

2015-12-20 16.10.28

Reflections. Polanco district.

2015-12-15 13.37.05

Street art. Mexico city.

2015-12-20 16.07.26

An old-fashioned house, Polanco. Many have been torn down. A few have been rehabilitated for office purposes.

2015-12-20 16.08.05-B

Sturgeon on the “Campos Eliseos” (Champs Elysées). I’ve never eaten in that restaurant. Maybe they only serve caviar?

2015-12-20 16.16.09

At the National Auditorium.

2016-02-10 17.50.55-A

In the Doctor’s waiting room. He’s an ophthalmologist. Hence the slightly blurred pic.

2016-02-26 11.33.54

Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

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My tips to crossing la frontera-favorite things to do in Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe.

My tips to crossing la frontera-favorite things to do in Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe.

Visiting Mexico on the Tijuana-San Diego border is a great option for many. Here are some great tips from Travel Latina.

Travel Latina

When I decided to ring in this New Year drinking a glass of wine in beautiful Napa Valley, I never knew that subconsciously I had started off the year seeking the perfect wine experience. Since then, in addition, I have taken two small trips to Valle de Guadalupe even though it seems to be the hardest place to get to. My previous wine experiences in Temecula, Malibu and Napa Valley were beautiful but, they didn’t compare to my experience in El Valle de Guadalupe.  These other experiences were either too expensive for me or not the kind of ambiance I was looking for. El Valle de Guadalupe was inhabited during WWII by migrants from Russia traveling to the United States.  Russian migrants never actually made it over, they stayed and found the perfect environment to grow vineyards, and produce wine.

    El Valle de Guadalupe lies hidden, 45 minutes from the…

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Copalita: A Hidden Gem In Huatulco

Copalita: A Hidden Gem In Huatulco

When you come to Mexico, dare to stray a bit off the beaten path and you’ll find gorgeous places like this one.

Mexico Retold

BAs we snaked around the bays of Huatulco towards the archeological site of Copalita I felt my excitement rising. I love exploring new places in Mexico and the fact that I had never heard of Copalita only increased my enthusiasm for checking it out. My two companions, although interested in seeing the site, were quite amused by the level of my excitement.

The first thing that struck me when we arrived at the site was how naturally it had been preserved. The site had not been cleared in the way some other archeological sites are and the trail around the structures took us through tree and vine-lined walkways that were simply enchanting. We could observe the trees and birds and enjoy the way that nature had reclaimed its space amongst the temples. This, I would read later, was the intention of the archeologists who claimed that even though the roots…

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Guide to the Best Ecopark in Mexico – Xcaret

The next time you’re in Mexico’s Yucatan, make sure you visit Xcaret Eco-Park!

A New Life Wandering


Located in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Experiencias Xcaret offers the best parks, activities, and tours in Cancun and the whole of the Riviera Maya. It attracts tons of visitors from both Playa del Carmen and Cancun on a daily basis, and millions of visitors from around the world each year.

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My First Ever Guest Post!

My First Ever Guest Post!

Hola amigos! I’m very happy because my first ever guest post has just been published!

I would like to thank Dominique at Easy Planet Travel for this amazing opportunity.

So head over there read my post, and share it. Thanks for all the love!

Bernal is Mexico’s Magical Town You Need To See

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15 Remarkable Images Of Oaxaca That Will Captivate You

15 Remarkable Images Of Oaxaca That Will Captivate You

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The Remarkable Magic Of An Old Mexican Hacienda

The Remarkable Magic Of An Old Mexican Hacienda

Hola, amigos! A few weekends ago, we decided to take a short trip out to an old hacienda outside of town. Haciendas are one of the best tourist attractions in Mexico. Some of them are quite luxurious, and others are simply magical. If you want to know what in the world a hacienda is and what you can do there, keep reading por favor. Continue reading “The Remarkable Magic Of An Old Mexican Hacienda”

This Will Make You Want To Visit Beautiful Cordoba

This Will Make You Want To Visit Beautiful Cordoba

Hi, amigos! Have you ever gone back to a place and started wondering why you hadn’t been there sooner? That’s exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I visited the city of Cordoba, in Mexico’s magical Veracruz province. It was the first time I was visiting in 10 years, and I truly feel I should’ve gone back sooner. Continue reading “This Will Make You Want To Visit Beautiful Cordoba”

5 Reasons To Love My Little Mexican Hometown

5 Reasons To Love My Little Mexican Hometown

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