Sweet Death

Sweet Death

Creative Hands of Mexico

The term artesanía roughly translates to “handcrafts” or “folk art” although cultural differences mean that the terms are not completely equal. For example, the adjective artesanal can and often is applied to certain processed foods such as bottle salsas, chocolate, coffee and alcohols if said products are made at a home or by a small enterprises that do not use industrial methods.

Despite the tempation cover some of these artesanal goods (as they ARE wonderful), I have stuck to products that fit the definition of handcrafted in English. However, there is one tradition that truly blurs the line between edible and non-edible “handcrafts.”


Alfeñique is the creation of a sugar paste, which is then molded into various decorative shapes. The term is not known to foreigners, but anyone who has been to Mexico during Day of the Dead (esp. in central Mexico) has seen its most representative product… a highly…

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Mexico City: Top 7 Must-Sees & A History Untold

Mexico City: Top 7 Must-Sees & A History Untold

How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch

Mexico City, also known as, Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX, Distrito Federito, D.F., Mexico D.F., El Capital, or simply Mexico is the most ancient city in the Americas and was originally the center of the Aztec Empire. This is a city that offers unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a mix of ancient and advanced, creative and scientific, culture and contemporary. The entire city is a renaissance and one of my favorite places on earth.

Just some quick facts:

Mexico City is the eighth richest city in the world, boasts the most museums on the planet, is the second largest city in the Western Hemisphere, just behind New York City, and is the most ancient city in the Americas.

The remnants of Mexico City’s history are juxtaposed with its contemporary advancements. For example, ancient temples  used for human sacrifice can be found next to its sprawling financial…

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Earthquake rescue, relief and rebuilding–It’s up to me!

Earthquake rescue, relief and rebuilding–It’s up to me!

Surviving Mexico

In the days since two strong earthquakes shook Mexico, I’ve seen a lot of conflicting advice, suggestions, and commentary.  What I’ve come to realize that it comes down to personal responsibility and that the only person who can decide if you are personally responsible or not, is, well you.

Let’s talk about Jorge.  He wasn’t a trained first responder.  He wasn’t a building expert.  He was quite ordinary in fact. But what Jorge did was assess the situation, said to himself “It’s up to me.” and crawled through rubble to rescue 4 children trapped inside. (Jorge Houston: el desconocido que ayudó a rescatar niños del Rébsamen)

This was not an isolated occurrence. Thousands upon thousands of residents took up the call for aid just minutes after the earthquake. Instead of saying “Well, the military will get here soon and they can take charge.” they said “It’s up to…

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Taco Tuesday: Smoky Steak Tacos

Taco Tuesday: Smoky Steak Tacos

Fabulous Fare Sisters

It’s Taco Tuesday! I think this is by far my favorite taco! A hearty fried corn tortilla filled with sirloin steak that’s been marinated in a smoky sauce then flash-grilled and topped with homemade Mango Pico de Gallo and Smoky Chipotle Aïoli…so much flavor in such a little taco! WOW!!

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Mexican Pierogi Casserole

Mexican Pierogi Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

How much are we traveling this summer? Every single weekend, except for two,  from the beginning of June to the middle of September. The cat is even done with us being gone as you can see above. She sees the suitcases come out and she tries to climb in. We are not supposed to forget to take her with us again!

Because we are traveling so much I am not buying groceries as I normally do. I am using up every little scrap I can find in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to save money. My children and I were going through the freezer the other night and found some ground beef and a couple of boxes of pierogi. I knew we had some salsa in the pantry and cheddar cheese in the fridge. Mexican Pierogis it is!


Neither of my children were very thrilled at the thought of…

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America and Americans: The people of a country, or a continent?

No Hay Bronca

What does it mean to be an American, geographically and linguistically?

no hay bronca mex us border

We all know that the internet provides plenty to annoy and offend. Vindictive and ignorant debates rage in the comment sections of nearly any news article, no matter what it’s about.

I avoid reading the comments on news stories about Mexico, which inevitably include some variation on “I’d never go to Mexico,” “It’s a failed state,” or the ever-charming “This is why we need to build a wall.”

Statements like those are fodder for multiple blog posts. But in this one, I’d like to address a dispute that seems to come up often: the term America.

One argument is that people from the U.S. call themselves Americans out of disrespect for all the other people who live in the American continent, as if the Chinese called themselves Asians, somehow disregarding all the other people who live in Asia.

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My Top Tips for Travelers to Mexico

Another wonderful and helpful post by Ted Campbell at No Hay Bronca Blog!

No Hay Bronca

Mexico is one of my favorite countries to travel in, and not just because I live here, but because of its incredibly diverse landscapes, friendly people, excellent food, and low prices—especially for those with U.S. dollars, for which the exchange rate is quite good at the moment.

You can plan any type of trip in Mexico: budget backpacking or high luxury, adrenaline or relaxation, culture or nature, a long-term adventure or a quick weekend—the possibilities are endless. Like for anywhere, a little information and preparation will greatly improve your trip, but knowing what to do may not be obvious, especially the first time around.

With this in mind, here are my top tips for first time travelers so you can plan the fun, safe and economical adventure of your dreams in Mexico.


Choose only one city or one region to explore

In Mexico, long distances separate popular travel destinations like…

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8 Popular Ways To Celebrate Easter In Mexico

8 Popular Ways To Celebrate Easter In Mexico

My Heart of Mexico

Holy Week is a four-day nationwide religious vacation that also doubles as spring break in Mexico. I know this is supposed to be a strictly religious holiday, but in Mexico you can make it as holy or as earthly as you like.

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10 Guaranteed Ways To Stay Safe In Mexico

10 Guaranteed Ways To Stay Safe In Mexico

It’s spring break time! And Mexico is the best place to spend your vacation. If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. Just follow these simple, common-sense rules.

My Heart of Mexico

Hola, amigos! I’m often asked about how safe it is to visit Mexico. There are so many horror stories on the news, I’m sure many people think visiting Mexico is like jumping into the zombie apocalypse. That is not true at all, but you do have to follow certain guidelines to stay safe when traveling to Mexico.

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2 Amazing things about Mexican women you must know

2 Amazing things about Mexican women you must know

My Heart of Mexico

Today, I just want to tell you why Mexican women rule!

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