The Day of the Dead in Mexico: What’s it all about?

Happy Halloween! Here in Mexico, we’re getting ready to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Read what it’s all about in this post by Ted Campbell at No Hay Bronca blog.

No Hay Bronca

In Mexico, a country full of color, tradition, and flavor, the Day of the Dead stands out as especially colorful, traditional, and flavorful. Rooted in Pre-Hispanic practice and caught up in the trick-or-treat influence of Halloween, the holiday is a chance to honor deceased relatives with an altar in the home, dress up as an elegant skeleton, and sample the best of Mexico’s artesanal candy.

The Day of the Dead takes place on November 2, but it’s celebrated several days or even weeks before, especially when it happens midweek, making a long weekend. While it’s one of the most public holidays in Mexico, in many ways it’s also the most personal. Besides costumes and outdoor events (more on those below), perhaps the most interesting part of the holiday is that people visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried.

They clean it up, decorate it with flowers, and even may…

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