Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of people affected by catastrophic flooding. This is how you can help.

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10 Best Ways You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Here in Mexico, we are no strangers to major natural disasters. We’ve had to recover from hurricanes, earthquakes, flood waters, volcano eruptions, you name it.

Mexicans know all too well how difficult it is for families to get back on their feet after they’ve lost everything. That’s why we want to help now and anytime.

Back in 2005, Mexican troops crossed the border into Texas to help victims of hurricane Katrina. They served 170,000 meals, distributed 184,000 tons of supplies, and tended to the health of hundreds of people. Mexico also sent humanitarian aid to New Orleans.

This time, Mexico will also send aid to contribute to hurricane relief in the form of troops, boats, vehicles, food, medical supplies, water, and portable showers.

I’m proud my native country is doing its share, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although relations between the USA and Mexico have been difficult lately, there are people in need. And Mexicans know what it’s like to be in need.

Here in Mexico, people are contributing to hurricane relief, and people from all over the world are doing so as well.

I’m also proud to see numerous fellow bloggers posting about how to help, and I’m going to do my part by sharing their efforts here.

So click on a post and let’s get helping!

10 Best Ways You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Will you contribute to Harvey aid relief today?

4 thoughts on “10 Best Ways You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

  1. Thank you for being kind enough to share this information. It is unfortunate that I do not remember our media creating awareness for the support Mexico provided us in the past. This information would certainly contribute to one of many reasons our two countries should have a better relationship than our current one. Apparently the good people in each country will have to override the harm some political leaders cause.

    Thank you again for all your assistance in this matter as well as the work you do informing the world about the many benefits of Mexico.

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