mexicanMy name is Fabiola, and I live in my own little corner of the heart of Mexico. I’m married to a wonderful, tall, dark, handsome, and very Mexican man. I have three beautiful Mexican children, and a Mexican cat. We are a regular Mexican family, but we don’t eat chimichangas, we don’t party on Cinco de Mayo, we never wear sombreros, and nobody is planning to jump the border. In fact, the border is so far away, it might as well be on another planet.

Yes, that’s me! FYI, I only dressed like that because I was going to a theme party. My outfit was a hit!

Lately, it strikes me that Mexico is being portrayed as a cartel-ridden, violent, tourist death trap. I agree there are dangerous parts, but that is only one side of the story. It’s natural that only the negative side of Mexico is being broadcast to the world. After all, who wants to hear that nothing gruesome happened today in my hometown? Boring! That’s not the sort of news the media crave, but the truth is that there are millions of things in Mexico that are wonderful and fascinating, and have nothing to do drugs, violence, and organized crime.

My mission is to write about my home, my family life and my experiences in Mexico in order to help others gain a deeper understanding about my people and my country. I do this because there are many myths and misconceptions about my country that really need to die, and I hope I can get you to see a different, more intimate side of it. No politics, no cartels, no violence, but only the wonderful part of Mexico that I love.

Still with me? Pick an entry and read on!

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  1. I am looking forward to reading more from your blog! I completely agree with you regarding the many myths and misconceptions about Mexico. I felt very safe when traveling in the Yucatan as a solo female and I hope that these myths can be debunked! Keep up the great work.

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      1. ok I might say it wrong after all these years or spell it wrong so… Celaya I can’t spell the rest right! I loved it and wanted to stay! It was my senior year of high school! I still have my friend on facebook!

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  2. I love your blog. Going to follow. I know I’ll enjoy reading of your life in Mexico. Thank you for giving us another picture besides that presented by the media.
    Maybe I should blog about life in the lower South USA- Alabama.
    The media presents us as “not so bright.” LOL!

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  3. Hola Fabiola! Thanks for commenting on my blog in the meet and greet! I came to check out yours and will stick around, I see you’re trying to do for your country what I’m trying to do for mine on my blog. I would looove to come to Mexico one day. I have one good Mexican friend named Conrada, and a few others I know less well. But Greeks get on very well with South Americans, we have similar temperaments and outlooks on life. Your blog looks great, I’m looking forward to exploring – oh, and making some of those delicious recipes!

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    1. Thanks for visiting and I am glad you liked my blog. It’s wonderful you want to visit Mexico one day, and I hope you do, but the funny thing is I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. I’m sure our wishes will come true!


  4. Beautiful blog and authentic! Thanks for sharing your insight. I coming up on year for blogging as well eeekk:) Looking forward to reading more about My Heart of Mexico. Check out Revealed8.com when you get a chance..God Bless!

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  5. Hola Fabiola. I just found your blog and I’m so glad someone else is sharing the good about Mexico. Not that it’s all good but that there is another side to Mexico other than what’s portrayed in the media. I wish you well amiga. Saludos!
    Que Viva la Tierra del Sol!


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  6. Hi, I’m going to have so much fun exploring your blog and looking forward to new posts! I know more about Mexican American cooking (and I have to admit while it would never be my first choice, a Chimichanga every now and then can be pretty tasty, lol) than Mexican because I lived in the Southwest for 24 years or so. But I have had friends from Mexico and further South and love exploring recipes and cookbooks. And I don’t drown everything in cheese, well at least usually. 🙂

    I have to say you don’t look like a “Bad Hombre” to me. (What an idiotic thing – I feel like I should apologize to all of Mexico from all of the US.) I am happy to have learned the proper way to drink tequila although I don’t usually go for much stronger than a little wine, and I’m looking forward to learning more things!! Like what’s a Mexican cat?



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  7. Hola Fabiola, I like the concept of your blog. I am tired that the media portrays Mexico as dangerous, poor, Third-World country full of people wanting to “cross the border” all the time. You are presenting the other side of Mexico and I like that; I also like the fact that you talk about the things that I so yearn from my country. I have lived in the U.S. for sometime now and all the things you talk about here are exactly the things that I miss from living in Mexico. I’m glad to find another Mexicana blogging. ¡Saludos!!!

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