Hello, amigos! The summer is over and I am ready to start enjoying one of my favorite seasons- the fall. Mexico is especially enjoyable during the fall, and there are some truly wonderful things going on here from September to year’s end. Here’s what you’re missing out on if you’re not here!

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Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico

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Fall is definitely my favorite season here in Mexico! I’ve already told you about how much I hate the summer, and how miserable I feel during the winter, but the fall is a completely different affair. I feel happier when this season rolls around, and here’s why.

5 Wonderful Things I Love About Mexico In The Fall

1. The weather is pleasant

Finally, after months and months of misery, the weather turns nice again. And that’s certainly worth celebrating!

It was dry as a bone and hot as hell during the spring, and then hopelessly damp and miserably rainy during the summer. But fall weather in Mexico City is always at a pleasant and sunny 50° to 70°F. This means I can finally wear my favorite jackets and booties, and forget about baking in the sun or drowning in the rain. Yay!

FYI, this is also the best time to visit the beaches. The hurricane season ends in September, so a storm won’t get in the way of your tan. Isn’t that wonderful?

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
There’s perfect beach weather in the fall in Mexico!

2. Mexican Independence Day is here!

If you think Cinco De Mayo is our Independence Day, you’re dead wrong. Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th, and it’s the biggest party of the year!

And to make things better, Independence Day festivities are always two days long! Because this is Mexico, and we know how to throw a party.

The festivities begin on the evening of the 15th and continue on through the next day. There are all-night parties with plenty of singing, dancing, mariachis, tequila, fireworks displays, and delicious food. On the 16th, there are parades and more parties. This celebration alone would make anyone love the fall!

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Mexican Independence Day decorations.

3. The Day of the Dead

Ok, I know the name of this holiday sounds creepy, but it’s actually pretty neat. It takes place on November 1st and 2nd.

The Day of the Dead is another two-day holiday to remember our loved ones who have passed away. There are colorful altar offerings set up in homes, with yummy food, sweets, and drinks for the dearly departed.

The fun part is that since everybody gets all confused about the rules for a foreign holiday called Halloween, the kids simply take charge of everything and end up trick-or-treating for three days straight! Being a kid in Mexico has its perks.

There’s also a lot of family time, good food, and totally stunning decorations everywhere. The atmosphere is simply incredible!

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Cool skull makeup during the Mexican Day of the Dead

4. The holiday season begins

I know you’re thinking Christmas is a winter holiday, but in Mexico, the holiday season starts in the fall, on December 12th.

In fact, the holiday seasons runs from December 12th on through January 6th. That’s a lot of celebrating!

December 12th is the second-biggest holiday of the year in Mexico. It’s the day we celebrate our patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe. There’s more festivities, with firecrackers, tons of food, singing, dancing, mariachis, tequila, you name it. Our Lady deserves no less!

This is also the official start of the Mexican holiday season. Only a few days after the Our Lady’s feast day, on December 16th, the first of the nine posadas takes place. The posadas are nine celebrations (nine parties) that take place on the nine days before Christmas (when there’s another big party). Did I tell you in Mexico we love to party?

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe is Mexico’s patron saint. Her feast day in on December 12th.

5. Delicious Mexican food

I’ve been talking about parties and food all this time, so I might as well tell you a bit more about the mouthwatering fall menu.

September is the season for Chiles En Nogada. This traditional Mexican dish is made with poblano peppers stuffed with ground meat that has been cooked with dried fruit, nuts, and spices. The stuffed poblanos are served in a white sauce made with walnuts and topped with pomegranate grains. It’s one of the finest dishes in one of the finest cuisines in the world. That’s Mexican cuisine, of course.

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Chiles en nogada are in season during the fall

Also, on Independence Day you can stuff yourself full of pozole, mole, tamales, tacos, tostadas, and almost any other Mexican delicacy you can think of.

On the Day of the Dead, tamales are the stars of the show, along with a special kind of bread baked for this occasion- Bread of the Dead.

This kind of bread might not sound delicious, but it is. Bread of the Dead is sweet bread decorated with bone-shaped pieces and sprinkled with sugar. The recipe depends on the region, but sometimes it is seasoned with orange rinds, anise, or other spices. You can’t have enough of it!

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Bread of the Dead, decorated with bone-shaped figures and sprinkled with sugar.

And don’t get me started on Mexican holiday food! More tamales, more pozole, more mole, and some other yummy dishes too. And drinks. There’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate, atole, champurrado, or fruit punch to warm up a chilly evening.

I love the fall in Mexico!

All these festivities, celebrations, and food make for some wonderful family time. Or for an incredibly fun party with friends. Or for some romantic time with your significant other. There’s plenty of magic going on in Mexico during the fall. Make sure you don’t miss out on it! At least once in your life, you should come to Mexico in the fall.

Things You'll Love About Mexico In The Fall | My Heart Of Mexico
Delicious Mexican dishes: tamales, tacos, pozole, and mole sauce.

Do you love the fall? Comment your reasons why! Or if you’d like to visit Mexico in the fall.

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